Did a little thing for The State x guest edited by Natasha Stallard.

It’s a great issue, with interesting articles on Hawaii, exploring the whole packaged idea and connotations of the culture, plus a story illustrated by.. me.

Truthfully, I loved the story. It was such a visual influence, I couldn’t look at fish for a week.

You can check it out here:

Some of the online posters I’d worked on for Brownbook’s many spaces.

I’m in love with the video concept of “Magic” by Coldplay. Consider this a little fanart for it.

Dimensions: 1600x1200

Okay this might be a series.. or not, the way I keep making wallpapers out of them. Wallpaper is 1280x1024 this time.

Reference image here.

A quick study that turned into a wallpaper. Quite like doing people without faces, refreshing stuff.

This wallpaper is 1024x768 in size.

Reference image here.


A side profile study of model/actor Lee Soo Hyuk. :) 

Deviantart // Tumblr

Oh my god eatsleepdraw published my submission.

This is the cherry on top of my Sunday.

Sneak peek at self portrait done with markers. Still adding final touches. :)

Yeah, my watercolour self portrait attempt was a dud.

But I’m already working on version 2, haha. And this time it’s about using markers, and markers only. I’ve already run out of black ink.

Page from Jan 10th, 2014 // Quote by Guillaume Apollinaire

I have a daily project going on. It’s a quote/story/poem a day, done in an analog way. In a diary.

I tested this out in 2012, and then 2013 was really busy so the project concept was on hold. It’s finally back on for 2014.

You can check more quotes/poems here: The Diary Years

(via thediaryyears)